Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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  • Game of the year - The game has secured more than 15 perfect score reviews and more than 50 combined Editor's Choice and Game of the Year awards
  • Authentic advanced weaponry - With more than 70 new and authentic weapons and gear, including assault rifles with laser sites, claymore mines,. 50 caliber sniper rifles, machine guns, night-vision goggles and ghillie suits for maximum concealment, Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare has players locked and loaded to accomplish their mission
  • Coordinated assault and support - Rapid deployment gives gamers an adrenaline rush as they fast-rope from tactical helicopters, ride in an armada of attack choppers, utilize jets to remove enemy strongholds and even engage hostiles from thousands of feet above the ground inside a state of the art aerial gunship
  • Cinematic quality graphics and sound
  • Unparalleled depth of multiplayer - Multiplayer builds from the success of Call of Duty 2, delivering a persistent online experience for greater community interaction

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Take on the world as both a U.S. Marine and a British S.A.S. Soldier in Call of Duty 4. You’ll travel across the globe, relying on your wits and weapons to launch all-out assaults and accomplish invisible missions of stealth. Day or night, be ready to do what must be done. It’s the most up-to-date collection of firepower, machinery and military vehicles in the Call of Duty series. Prepare to experience the sophisticated technology and unbelievable graphics of an incredibly realistic warfare experience. Experience tomorrow’s war today in an immersive series of land and air strikes. Get the job done using the 70 new advanced weapons at your disposal. Make it to the next skirmish via choppers, jets and gunships before the battle is over. Conceal yourself and lie in wait with such accessories as night-vision goggles and ghillie suits, then bust through enemy strongholds in a display of powerful weaponry. It all comes together in a saga of cinematic intensity. Features Authentic weapons include assault rifles with laser sites, claymore mines, .50 caliber sniper rifles, M-249 SAW machine guns and more Engage hostiles from above in a thoroughly modern aerial gunship Rim lighting, character self-shadowing, texture streaming and physics-enabled effects add incredible realism Rack up experience points to unlock new items and gain perks Create-a-class options allow you to customize gear for the best chance of success Ride as part of an armada of attack choppers delivering manpower to the battlefield Take down enemies from the sky in well-equipped jets Matchmaking and leaderboards provide the latest developments in tracking Increase the adrenaline rush with intense online play

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